Remy Sharp wrote a web service to look up HTML Entity Character. The service “allows you to quickly find the entity based on how it looks”. There is also an OpenSearch plugin and MacOS Dashboard widget. Kudos to Remy!

I figured a Firefox extension clone would be handy, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to make one, thus:

This extenion is simple: a GUI wraps and calls the Javascript code Remy wrote (with a little modifiication, basically renaming global variables to make them unique) and then displays the result. The code is licensed under Creative Commons by-sa 2.5, same as Remy’s code.

It should work on Firefox from version 1.5 and above (have tested on 3.0aPre7 too), also on Netscape Navigator and Flock, let me know if you have any problem using it.

To try out, go to the extension’s home page and click install (it’s currently hosted on my server, so you have to let Firefox allow download and install extension from my server).

I could have made the extension remotely invoke Remy’s web service, parse the return html and present the result, but it might not be a good option, because:

  1. I need it work while off-line (too much distraction online);
  2. HTML entities character set doesn’t change that often, what’s the last addition? € maybe?
  3. Overhead from network traffic and CPU cycles parsing html;
  4. Not really a reason though: I could later make use of the new Online and Offline Events and provide user the options;

Update (09/09/2008):
You should be able to have it run on Firefox 3.0.1 and above.