Hello world, again

Blogging @ 22 September 2006, “11 Comments”

I am now back blogging, again. After some consideration, I’ve decided to change to wordpress from the one I DIY’ed 3 years ago. It was not an easy decision but things have changed, and my brother and I both have much more important tasks at the moment. So, wordpress it is, for the time being.

Then what would happen to the openblog project? First off, it’s not dead, not yet. Once we have a right idea at the right time, we will sure be back working on it.

How about the old feeds? Their urls are redirected to wp’s feeds, so hopefully(if the subscribing software/services comply to the http 301 redirect), subscribers don’t have to un-subscribe and re-subscribe to a different feed url again.

11 Responses to “Hello world, again”

  1. chariot Says:

    Welcome back :)

  2. Yining Says:

    Thanks, Chariot! :-)

    What’s the feed reader you are using?

  3. bxy Says:

    congrats~! :)

    why a email address is required when submit comment, it should be optional.

  4. bxy Says:

    this is helpless, now, the security code
    i lost all my comment

    i was saying where is the archive of your old blog. bring it back. dump them in a subdir here at least

  5. pp Says:


  6. Yining Says:

    Hi bxy:

    sorry for the troubles, but the security image is a means to prevent spam and now email is no longer required when posting comments.

    the old archive is current not available, I will get it back later in a few days.

    Thanks :-)

  7. Yining Says:

    Hi PP,


    对了,小川也开始blog啦 :-)

  8. zola Says:


  9. Yining Says:

    Yo! Zola,抓虾+1!

    目前我自己测试没问题的还有:bloglines,liferea, 和straw。

  10. jason Says:


  11. http://yining.org Says:

    this is an openid comment test

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